Chair Reports

Other Correspondence, Reports and Information

“The Learning Curve: How San Diego Unified Defends Stadiums Over Air-Conditioning”

CBOC to BOT letter 10-26-15 re PLA

Terry McKearney email to BOT 10-25-15 re PLA

GASB 34 ENR 4.2.01 from CBOC member O’Neill

Information from the Chair 5/14/13

Press Release Capital Appreciation Bonds

Link to Prop BB webpage. Prop BB Series C was about 1/3rd capital appreciation bonds

Superintendent letter to BOT re: Form 700 10-4-12

CBOC Letter to BOT 9-9-12

Draft CBOC letter to BOT 9-9-12

Supt Letter to CBOC 9-5-12

CBOC Letter to BOT 8-20-12

CBOC Letter to BOT 07-22-12

Auditor Opinion on Borrowing 8/17/12

Legal Opinion Temp Transfers – Romano 8-29-11

Legal Opinion Temp Transfers – Bowie 8-25-11

Legal Opinion Temp Transfers – Kronick 5-26-11

Legal Opinion Temp Transfers – DWK 5.23.11