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Active Projects

Updated July 2023

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Completed Projects

  • Mar Vista HS Aquatics & Central Campus Modernization
  • Bonita Vista HS Track & Field
  • Sweetwater HS Concession/Restroom Final Phase
  • Hilltop MS 600 Building Modernization
  • Site Master Planning Process
  • District-wide HVAC Project
  • Hilltop HS Track and Field
  • Hilltop HS Track and Field Drainage Repair
  • National City MS Modernization Project 2 Field Restoration
  • Palomar HS Modernization P1 Science
  • Southwest HS Bleacher Replacement
  • Southwest HS Title IX
  • Sweetwater HS Title IX
  • Sweetwater HS Track and Field
  • Solar PPA
  • Bonita Vista HS HVAC Upgrades
  • Chula Vista HS Projects
    • Title IX Team Room
    • Title IX Backstops and Fencing
    • Classroom Upgrades in 100 and 500 Buildings
    • Overcrowding Relief Grant (ORG) Portable Removal
    • Project 1 – New Performing Arts, New Library, Modernized PE facilities, Football Stadium Structural Repairs
  • Chula Vista MS Modernization Project 1 – New Science Building, New Food Service/Cafeteria Building and Relocate six Portables
  • Hilltop HS Projects
    • Field Restoration, Title IX Improvements and Restroom Relocatable
    • Modernization Project 1 – New two-story classroom building, new photo lab and wood shop building, replace four classroom wings, interim housing
  • Hilltop MS Ceiling Fans
  • Mar Vista HS Projects
    • Project 2 – Special Education Upgrades (Building 600)
    • Electrical Infrastructure Upgrades
    • Title IX
    • Modernization Project 1 –
      • New ASB Building
      • Modernize Administration and Student Services Building (including Learning Center)
      • Modernize Parent Center
      • Interim housing
  • Montgomery HS Projects
    • Title IX Upgrades
    • Modernization Project 2 –
      • New Gymnasium
      • New two -story Classroom and Administration Building and entry drive improvements
      • Minor renovation of old Gymnasium
      • Creation of a new plaza in front of the new Gymnasium by demolishing the 800 building (connects the stadium and gym to the quad created in Project 1)
    • Modernization Project 1 –
      • New artificial track and field named in honor of Al Prazek
      • New two-story classroom and Media Center Building
      • Creation of new quad by demolishing the 700 building and part of the 600 building
      • Convert old library into the Learning Center
      • Modernize building 1200
      • Interim housing
  • Montgomery MS Modernization Project 1 – new 2-story classroom building, food service building, counseling building, and library/media center
  • National City MS Projects
    • Modernization Project 2
      • New 2-story classroom building
      • Creation of new quad and parking lot by demolishing three buildings
    • Modernization Project 1
      • New 2-story classroom building including food services
      • Interim housing
  • Southwest HS Projects
    • Title IX Upgrades
    • Modernization Project 1 – new 2-story classrooms building including ASB and TV production studio; new lunch shelters and quad; removal of old relocatable classroom buildings
  • Southwest MS Projects
    • Modernization Project 1
      • New classroom building
      • Modernize Administration and Library building
      • Modernize PE buildings
      • Install interactive white boards
      • Interim housing
    • Modernization Project 1B – Increment 1
      • Upgrade portables
    • Modernization Project 1B – Increment 2
      • Convert shops to Science classrooms
    • Modernization Project 1C
      • Modernize the multi-purpose room and music building
  • Sweetwater Union HS Projects
    • Overcrowded Relief Grant (ORG) Portable Removal
    • Parking Lot Renovation
    • New Welding Building
    • Modernization Project 1
      • Replace administration/classroom building with a new 3-story building for administration, health center, counseling center, Laura R. Charles Theatre, and 36 classrooms
      • Football Stadium Structural Repairs
      • Interim Housing for administration
  • District-wide Fire Alarm Upgrades


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Additional Projects

Technology Infrastructure Improvements -Under construction. Complete in early 2015.
Castle Park High School Title IX Improvements – complete in 2014
Granger Junior High School Health Clinic Upgrades – Complete in 2013
Granger Junior High School Health Clinic – Complete in 2009
Bonita Vista High School Bleachers – Complete in 2009
MAAC Charter School Kitchen – on hold