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Updated December 2021

Bonita Vista High School Artificial Track & Field

Project Description: Demolition of existing track & field, existing bleachers, and site improvements. Construction of new synthetic track & field may include metal bleachers, stadium lights, entry improvements, a toilet/concession building, press box, and ticket booth.

Hilltop Middle School 600 Building Modernization

Project Description: The scope of work includes the demolition of the building down to the exterior studs, concrete floors, and the roof structure. Reconfiguration of interior spaces to meet the district’s standards for middle school science classrooms. The current design consists of six modernized science classrooms.

Mar Vista High School Aquatics Facility & Central Campus Modernization

Project Description: The project consists of a new 50-meter pool that will be located where the existing pool and ROTC classrooms are situated. Additional improvements will include new showers, lockers, seating, and equipment storage. Ceramics Room 603 modernization, and associated site improvements and utility work.

Sweetwater High School Concession/Restroom Final Phase

Project Description: Installation of new concession building, ADA Path of Travel, utilities, and related sitework.

Click this link to view the Project Status Reports/Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Status Reports. These reports include project budget information and project updates. 

Completed Projects

  • Site Master Planning Process
  • District-wide HVAC Project
  • Hilltop HS Track and Field
  • Hilltop HS Track and Field Drainage Repair
  • National City MS Modernization Project 2 Field Restoration
  • Palomar HS Modernization P1 Science
  • Southwest HS Bleacher Replacement
  • Southwest HS Title IX
  • Sweetwater HS Title IX
  • Sweetwater HS Track and Field
  • Solar PPA
  • Bonita Vista HS HVAC Upgrades
  • Chula Vista HS Projects
    • Title IX Team Room
    • Title IX Backstops and Fencing
    • Classroom Upgrades in 100 and 500 Buildings
    • Overcrowding Relief Grant (ORG) Portable Removal
    • Project 1 – New Performing Arts, New Library, Modernized PE facilities, Football Stadium Structural Repairs
  • Chula Vista MS Modernization Project 1 – New Science Building, New Food Service/Cafeteria Building and Relocate six Portables
  • Hilltop HS Projects
    • Field Restoration, Title IX Improvements and Restroom Relocatable
    • Modernization Project 1 – New two-story classroom building, new photo lab and wood shop building, replace four classroom wings, interim housing
  • Hilltop MS Ceiling Fans
  • Mar Vista HS Projects
    • Project 2 – Special Education Upgrades (Building 600)
    • Electrical Infrastructure Upgrades
    • Title IX
    • Modernization Project 1 –
      • New ASB Building
      • Modernize Administration and Student Services Building (including Learning Center)
      • Modernize Parent Center
      • Interim housing
  • Montgomery HS Projects
    • Title IX Upgrades
    • Modernization Project 2 –
      • New Gymnasium
      • New two -story Classroom and Administration Building and entry drive improvements
      • Minor renovation of old Gymnasium
      • Creation of a new plaza in front of the new Gymnasium by demolishing the 800 building (connects the stadium and gym to the quad created in Project 1)
    • Modernization Project 1 –
      • New artificial track and field named in honor of Al Prazek
      • New two-story classroom and Media Center Building
      • Creation of new quad by demolishing the 700 building and part of the 600 building
      • Convert old library into the Learning Center
      • Modernize building 1200
      • Interim housing
  • Montgomery MS Modernization Project 1 – new 2-story classroom building, food service building, counseling building, and library/media center
  • National City MS Projects
    • Modernization Project 2
      • New 2-story classroom building
      • Creation of new quad and parking lot by demolishing three buildings
    • Modernization Project 1
      • New 2-story classroom building including food services
      • Interim housing
  • Southwest HS Projects
    • Title IX Upgrades
    • Modernization Project 1 – new 2-story classrooms building including ASB and TV production studio; new lunch shelters and quad; removal of old relocatable classroom buildings
  • Southwest MS Projects
    • Modernization Project 1
      • New classroom building
      • Modernize Administration and Library building
      • Modernize PE buildings
      • Install interactive white boards
      • Interim housing
    • Modernization Project 1B – Increment 1
      • Upgrade portables
    • Modernization Project 1B – Increment 2
      • Convert shops to Science classrooms
    • Modernization Project 1C
      • Modernize the multi-purpose room and music building
  • Sweetwater Union HS Projects
    • Overcrowded Relief Grant (ORG) Portable Removal
    • Parking Lot Renovation
    • New Welding Building
    • Modernization Project 1
      • Replace administration/classroom building with a new 3-story building for administration, health center, counseling center, Laura R. Charles Theatre, and 36 classrooms
      • Football Stadium Structural Repairs
      • Interim Housing for administration
  • District-wide Fire Alarm Upgrades


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Additional Projects

Technology Infrastructure Improvements -Under construction. Complete in early 2015.
Castle Park High School Title IX Improvements – complete in 2014
Granger Junior High School Health Clinic Upgrades – Complete in 2013
Granger Junior High School Health Clinic – Complete in 2009
Bonita Vista High School Bleachers – Complete in 2009
MAAC Charter School Kitchen – on hold