National City MS

Project 2 –

  • New 2-story classroom building.
  • Demolition of 3 buildings.
  • New Quad.
  • New parking lot
  • Restoration of PE fields
  • New educational garden (optional)

Architect – LPA, Inc.
Contractor – McCarthy Builders, New 2-story classroom building and quad.
Contractor – Whillock Contracting, Inc., New parking lot.

Status –

  • Demolition, the new 2-story classroom building and quad were completed in November 2014. Ribbon-cutting was on November 20, 2014.
  • Construction of the new parking lot is in progress.
  • All interim housing portable classrooms have been removed.
  • The interim housing restroom was set on fire by students just after the building was turned over to the rental company. The district is in a dispute with the rental company about responsibility for removing the burned unit.
  • Restoration of the PE fields and the new educational garden are in the planning stages and the interim housing restroom issue and removal of the security resident needs to be resolved before construction can begin.

NCM P2 ClassroomNCM P2 AVNCM P2 PlanetsNCM P2 turfNCM P2 plantersNCM P2 Quad

NCM render

NCM Project 2 – Teacher Presentation 9-18-13

Project 1 –

  • New 17,734 square foot Classroom and Food Service Building.
  • New Lunch Shelter.
  • Interim Housing.

Architect – LPA, Inc.
Contractor – RC Construction.

Status –

  • Complete in June 2011 and certified by DSA on 5/15/14.
  • Interim Housing complete in 2009 and certified by DSA on 2/22/10.