About Prop O/Measure DD

Prop O

Proposition O is part of the District’s comprehensive Capital Facilities Financing Plan (CFFP). All schools and students in the Sweetwater District will benefit from Proposition O. The latest CFFP can be found on BoardDocs as agenda item M-1.

Proposition O will:

  • Upgrade classrooms/restrooms/science labs/technology
  • Improve handicap accessibility
  • Remove asbestos/lead paint
  • Upgrade fire and life safety systems

Proposition O is subject to strict accountability requirements, including independent citizen oversight and annual audits, to guarantee improvements specified in the District’s facilities master plan are completed efficiently and as promised. Proposition O funds can only be spent on our neighborhood secondary and adult schools to benefit local students. None can be spent on administrator salaries or district offices. Quality school facilities help retain and attract qualified teachers. Good schools maintain local quality of life and strong values.

Staff will also be closing out all Proposition BB projects as part of the Prop O Bond Program.

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Measure DD

Sweetwater Union High School District School Repair, Career Education, Student Safety Measure: To repair/upgrade classrooms, libraries, science labs; prepare students for college/careers; expand science, technology, engineering, math instruction; remove hazardous asbestos/lead; fix deteriorating roofs; and improve school safety, shall Sweetwater Union High School District issue $403 million in bonds at legal rates, raising $30 million annually over 40 years at approximately 2 cents/$100 assessed value, with citizen oversight, independent audits, no money for administrator salaries and all money staying local.