Montgomery HS

Old Gym Structural Upgrades –

  • Structural and cosmetic upgrades recommended in a seismic review that was completed to investigate cracking in the concrete walls..
  • Better anchorage for the roof-mounted HVAC system.
  • Removal of the entrance canopy because of dryrot.

Engineer – Burkett & Wong


  • Removal of the entrance canopy was completed under MOH Project 2
  • Drawings approved by DSA on 2/11/15.
  • Project will be out to bid in March.

Title IX upgrades – The project will include:

  • New dugouts for softball
  • New dugouts for baseball (the existing dugouts do not meet Division of State Architect requirements).
  • New accessible path of travel.
  • Restrooms and concession building.

Architect – Lord Architects, Inc.


  • Design is in process.
  • Continuation of design is dependent on approval of a budget increase.

Project 2 – The District has contracted with the K-12 Public School Districts and Community Colleges Facility Authority (JPA) to provide this project through a design-build contract. The scope includes:

  • New classrooms.
  • Minor renovation in old gym (flooring and bleacher repairs).
  • New gymnasium.
  • Secure access route at main school entry.
  • Parent center.
  • Wood shop exhaust system improvements.
  • Science room lab chemical storage ventilation.
  • Upgrade lunch area with seating, tables & lunch shelters.
  • New landscaping/curb appeal along front of school (200 building and Administration).
  • Removing remaining columns/pillars where canopy has been removed adjacent to cafeteria, gym and drama buildings.
  • Repave west student parking lot.

Design/Build Team

  • Architect – Zagrodnik + Thomas Architects, LLP
  • Contractor – Soltek Pacific Construction


  • Lunch shelters complete in 2013 and certified by DSA on 3/25/14.
  • The minor renovation in old Gym was complete in 2013.
  • The classroom/administration building and Gym project is complete and certified by DSA on 12/10/14.
  • Demolition of the 800 building and the new quad was completed in 2014 and certified by DSA on 11/21/14.

MOH P2 AdminMOH P2 AdminMOH P2 AztecMOH P2 nightMPH P2 ribbonMPH P2 Gym

gym entry 11201MOH021201MOH-GYM02  1201MOH-GYM03

MOH P2 GymMOH MontyMOH crmoh cr2

Project 1 –

  • New Artificial Track and Field. The stadium was named in honor of Al Prazek.
  • New 19,226 square foot two-story Library and Classroom Building
  • Convert old 4,964 square foot library into the Learning Center
  • Building 1200 upgrades.
  • Interim Housing.

Architect – Ruhnau Ruhnau Clarke Architects

  • Symbolic Contractors (Interim Housing)
  • Byrom Davey (Artificial Track and Field and Scoreboard)
  • Swinerton Construction (Lease/lease-back takeover for SMC on Library/Classroom/Modernization)
  • AEL Construction (interim housing removal and restoration of basketball courts)

Status –

  • Artificial track and field completed in 2010 and certified by DSA on 6/11/13.
  • Scoreboard was completed in 2010 and certified by DSA on 10/14/13.
  • Project 1 Modernization, library, classrooms and modernized facilities, completed in April 2012 and certified by DSA on 6/11/13.
  • Interim Housing complete in 2009 and certified by DSA on 10/27/09.
  • Interim Housing Removal complete in 2012 and certified by DSA on 4/29/13.

MOH Field