Bonita Vista MS

Modernization –

Architect: IBI Group (Project 2)
Contractor: Fordyce Construction (Project 2)

  • The modernization work is being done in phases.
  • Project 1 included non-DSA work (repainting, reroofing the library, covering unused student lockers, and adding a storage container for the MPR) is complete.
  • Project 2 scope of work included HVAC for Room IA3 (science), replacement of HVAC for the music building, restroom renovation at MPR, kitchen and cafeteria upgrades, renovating offices, and accessibility upgrades. The final work on the freezer unit was completed over winter break and it opened when school started on January 12th. The project is complete.
  • Project 3 is adding a sink to the special education classroom in IA5. This may result in upgrading the sink in the science room IA4.