Southwest HS

Title IX upgrades

  • New softball outfield fence
  • New scoreboard
  • New accessible path of travel
  • New batting cages
  • Team Rooms (reconfiguring existing classroom use)

Status –

  • Outfield fence installed.
  • Scoreboard is complete and certified by DSA on 1/28/15.
  • Accessible path is complete.
  • Batting cages are complete and the pitching machine was purchased.
  • The team room project is in the planning stage.

SOH Title IX ScoreboardSOH Batting Cage

Project 1 –

  • New 29,231 square foot two-story classroom building – includes an ASB room and TV production studio.
  • New Lunch Shelters and Quad.
  • Removal of old relocatable classrooms.

Architect – LPA, Inc.
Contractor – Soltek Pacific (take-over contract for HAR Construction).

Status –

  • Complete in July 2012 and certified by DSA on 8/23/13

SOH P1 ribbon1SOH P1 ribbon2