Hilltop HS

Track and Field

Architect: NTD Architects

  • This project is for the design of an artificial track and field.
  • This project was submitted to DSA on December 26, 2013 and approved on July 31, 2014.
  • Funding for construction has not been identified. The project is on hold.

HTH track

Field Restoration, Title IX improvements, and Restroom  Relocatable –

  • Restore the softball fields after removal of interim housing.
  • Add dugouts and other facilities for Title IX equity.
  • Replace a non-DSA approved restroom building as required by DSA.

Architect – Ruhnau Ruhnau Clarke Architects
Contractor – Western Rim Constructors, Inc.

Status –

  • Fields completed in March 2012
  • Restroom building is complete
  • Certified by DSA on 4/1/14

Project 1 –

  • New 16,147 square foot two-story classroom building.
  • New 5,896 square foot photo lab and wood shop building.
  • Replacement of four classroom buildings (8,690 square feet including science classrooms)
  • Interim Housing
  • Interim Housing Removal

Architect – Ruhnau Ruhnau Clarke Architects
Contractors –

  • Pacific Building Group (new and modernized classrooms)
  • Fordyce (Interim Housing)
  • GEM Industrial (Interim Housing Removal)

Status –

  • Classrooms and modernization complete in July 2011 and certified by DSA on 6/25/13
  • Interim Housing complete in 2009 and closed by DSA on 3/10/14 (not certified because the portables were removed)
  • Interim Housing Removal complete in 2012 and certified by DSA on 8/7/13