Ad-Hoc Subcommittees

Ad-hoc subcommittees are formed for the purpose of having a small working group address specific issues and report back to the CBOC. Ad-hoc subcommittees are not subject to the Brown Act. Any comments or suggestions for any subcommittee may be submitted to the CBOC Chair by email. The following committees were established by the CBOC on July 22, 2015.

Annual Report –  David Butler, Nick Marinovich, Terry McKearney and Ditas Yamane

Audit and Finance  – David Butler, Daniel Gutowski, Nick Marinovich and Ditas Yamane

Construction and Deferred Maintenance – Edgar Guerrero, Daniel Gutowski, Rafael Munoz and Kevin O’Neill

Information Technology – Rob Carriedo, Edgar Guerrero, Terry McKearney and Rafael Munoz

Steering and Planning – Rob Carriedo, Nick Marinovich, Terry McKearney and Kevin O’Neill